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Our Why:

There is way more to someone than meets the eye. You can look at someone and not see what is going on inside. Invisible disorders are real and those that live with them struggle to be seen and heard. We are often misunderstood and judged by what others assume we should be capable of or how we should be. Sometimes we just need some grace and the ability to grow at our own pace with supports and tools that were made to help us succeed with our disorders in mind.

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Subscribe and support our YouTube Channel - Grace Abounds. We will be posting and sharing about invisible disorders, how they affect us and supports that help. 



Your tax deductible donation helps Grace Abounds to be able to offer supports and tools to those living with invisible disorders. 


A recent survey shows 42 percent of U.S. adults who needed care in the previous 12 months did not receive it because of costs and other barriers.


Our goal with your donation is to create a fund to help individuals and families be able to afford to see a counsellor that specializes in invisible disorders and work with a life coach that may be their life line to successfully functioning while experiencing debilitating invisible attacks on their body. 


Often times insurance does not cover, Natural/Holistic, alternative care. We at Grace Abounds know first hand that Natural/Holistic methods work. Your donation will help pay for the tests needed to find deficiencies that may have not yet been discover and  help pay for the supplements not covered under pharmaceutical prescriptions.  

Your donations will help cover the cost listed below. You can designate your donation to any of the estimated cost below by selecting the link next to the service.


Estimated Cost 

$35 to $650

Life Coach

$55 to $75 per session

Natural/Holistic Care

$200 + depending on treatment and supplements receommended

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Through sharing our stories, we can give a voice and support those struggling in silence.  Please email us and share your story. We would like to learn more about how we can help you. 
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